Top Tips for your Cruise Holiday

Whether you are contemplating booking your first cruise holiday, or counting down the days until you hop onto a ship, we have got some fantastic top tips that are sure to make you look like a seasoned traveler whilst helping to prepare you for the voyage of your life!

Pack your carry-on bags wisely.
Make sure you carry a change of clothes and any important medication or toiletries in the bag you will keep on your person, this means if your luggage happens to get lost or delayed by the airline, at least you will have some essentials with you. Also, if your suitcases are delayed in being delivered to your cabin, you’ll have a bathing suit or dinner attire on hand and will still be able to enjoy all the on-board activities, rather than having to wait for your bag to show up.

Know the dress-code
Each cruise line is different, and therefore will have different dress-codes. Where some ships invite their guests to dress to the nines for formal nights, others are more relaxed and allow their guests the freedom to wear whatever attire is most comfortable. Be sure to check the dress-code of your cruise line so you don’t miss out anything important when packing!

Dress for your destination
Similar to the rules of dress for each cruise line, each destination will also require different outfits. You must take into consideration environmental properties as well as cultural, whilst some areas such as the Caribbean are open to a casual dress code, countries in the Middle East or some parts of Europe will expect modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, even if the temperature is hot.  Also, don’t forget to think about your in-port activities. If you are likely to be joining in long days of sightseeing or active excursions such as hiking or cycling, then you will want to pack a comfortable pair of shoes!

Keep all important documents with you
It is essential that you make sure you bring your necessary IDs and cruise documents — and never pack them in your checked luggage. You’ll want your photo ID and cruise ship boarding pass on hand, so even if your suitcase misses the boat, you can get on board. Also make sure you have the correct type of identification for your cruise destination, whether it’s a birth certificate, passport or photo ID.

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