Day Excursions By Coach That You Must Try!

Coach trips are one of the most popular ways of exploring the United Kingdom and day excursions are a wonderful way of truly seeing the beauty of our country. The range of coach trips has increased massively in the last twenty years meaning that you can travel to many more attractions, destinations and events than ever before.


Popular Day Excursions by Coach in the UK



You might not see the appeal of going on a coach trip to a museum at first, but there are many reasons why these coach trips can be fitting to all demographics. Museums are bursting with information and knowledge that is there to be shared with everyone. Knowledge can be learnt from The Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth about the history of war, The Victoria and Albert Museum where you can learn about The Monarchy and study the wonderful collection of art built over centuries, The Science Museum where you can learn about exhilarating discoveries and The National Gallery where you can live through pieces of art that are viewed by millions. These are just a few galleries and museums where you can explore and broaden your knowledge of the world around you, and without the additional worry of driving in city-bound traffic and then finding somewhere to park the car or having to rely on public transport.



We spend most of our lives working, so it’s great to have the opportunity to spend our hard-earned money on a whole variety of goods 

available to us and within easy reach by coach. On day excursions we can travel to shopping centres and outlets where they offer premium brands that appeal to all for a reasonable price. This is particularly useful if you don’t have access to a car as coaches have plenty of storage both above the seats and in the lockers underneath, so you wouldn’t need to worry about how many bags you have at the end of the day.




The West End is one of the most well-known theatre districts around the world. A trip to the theatre is a chance to escape from the real world and witness some of the best creative souls, performing live in front of you. Although the pressure is on them and they can’t make a mistake, they continuously deliver amazing performances which has kept the theatre such a popular place to go even when cinemas and online streaming sites exist. Thousands of people choose to travel by coach to see a show, as their ticket is included in the cost of their travel and they are usually dropped off close to the theatre entrance.

Coach Day Excursions to Christmas Markets

As Christmas is approaching you may want to start thinking about the purchasing of presents. A wonderful gift for anyone is the chance to go to the magical Christmas markets across the United Kingdom and Europe. From £18 per person you can treat your  friend/family member to a Woods Day Excursion visiting Christmas markets from Southampton to Bath, and Europe (subject to availability).  They are the perfect setting to help you get into the holiday spirit.


If reading this has made you feel like exploring and visiting these wonderful places, call Woods Travel on 01243 868080 or visit our excursions page to find out more about our 2018/19 Day Excursions Programme.