Destinations | Things to do on the Isles of Scilly

With beautiful coastlines, fantastic walking opportunities, and a climate that attracts rare birds, dolphins and seals, there’s no wonder so many of our customers join us for a holiday to the Isles of Scilly year after year!

Here’s just a few things you can get involved with whilst visiting:

St. Martin’s Vineyard
Established in 1996 by Val and Graham Thomas, the St Martin’s Vineyard and Winery first trailled white varieties – Reichensteiner and Madeleine Angevine.  Now, they produce five delicious varieties, three white, one rose, and one red. If you’re a bit of a connoisseur, than you’re bound to love the informative tour and opportunity to sample the unique selection of wine wines on offer.

Swim with seals
Scilly Seal Snorkelling at St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly, offer an award winning, wildlife experience.

Get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures and enjoy watching them in their natural habitat – a fantastic photo opportunity to anyway with an underwater camera!


Island Sea Safaris
If you’re a lover of marine wildlife, then Island Sea Safaris have the perfect experience for you. Keep an eye open for Grey Atlantic seals, numerous seabirds including Guillemots, Gannets, Razorbills and Puffins! You’ll also have the opportunity to visit some the Islands shipwreck sites and places of historical interest.

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Tresco Abbey Gardens
The sub-tropical Abbey Garden shrugs off salt spray and Atlantic gales to host thousands of exotic plants.

The diversity of plant life to be found within the Abbey Garden is extraordinary. Fringing the lush grid of paths which criss-cross the gardens are a host of succulents, towering palm trees and giant, lipstick-red flame trees. Here you can find flowers of the King Protea and the handsome Lobster Claw. Walk amongst the great blue spires of Echium, brilliant Furcraea, Strelitzia and shocking-pink drifts of Pelargonium.

The treasures to be found within the Abbey Garden are not limited to the floral kind. The garden is also home to a collection of shipwrecked figureheads, which are displayed at the Valhalla Museum.


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