Why you should book a coach holiday

The last decade has seen the demand in coach holidays rise, with many offering fantastic trips throughout the UK & Europe. With this in mind, more and more people are opting to leave their cars at home and rely on a exclusively structured holiday itinerary and an experienced driver to expose them to new travel experiences and long cherished memories.

Whether you are new to coach holidays, haven’t been in a while or are looking for your next adventure, we are confident that this form of travel is the way forward for thousands of people! And if you want to know why, here are just a handful of reasons:

1. Low-cost adventures
With the price of petrol and charges of railway journeys forever rising there has never been a better time to consider a new means of transportation to your holiday destination!

It’s established that coach travel not only costs less in general, but it also aids in saving you money throughout the duration of your trip.

Money Saving Holiday

When you travel with Woods, you will encounter a number of money-saving perks, from being dropped-off directly at your hotel, saving you plenty of money on taxi fares, to enjoying an exciting range of inclusive excursions and half board service as part of your holiday package.

2. Feeling Green
Every day we are being made more and more aware of our ‘carbon footprint’ and the negative impact it has on our day to day living. When you travel by coach, you are immediately minimising yours!

A handful of individuals travelling by one means of transportation is dramatically better than each of those people all reaching the same destination in separate cars.


If you’re someone who likes to keep things green, booking yourself on a ‘staycation’ at one of our many exciting UK holiday destinations, is the perfect way of creating an eco-friendly experience, without sacrificing the fun!

3. Stress-free
We’ve all been there; an abundance of luggage balancing on any available body part decorating you like a game of Buckaroo whilst you desperately shake the sleeve of your shirt high enough to reveal how late you’re running, tickets held tight between your teeth and a road map slipping out your back pocket as you hastily hook the front door with your left foot to shut it, with nothing but a prayer that you’ve remembered to turn off the gas.


If you’ve been dreaming of a world where travel is stress-free, you’ll be delighted with the benefits of coach travel! We offer a medley of destinations with the friendliest of hotels as well as an exciting conglomeration of activities and experiences.

You will never have to worry about waiting in the cold and dark, juggling luggage or being left behind, we’ve got everything under control, so from the minute we pick you up as part of our door to door service, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

4. Sightseeing
Britain’s exceptional network of coach routes deems it possible to produce fantastic sightseeing itineraries, from the ever-popular Lake District to the more specialist holidays such as the Fred Dibnhah, Concorde & Beyond!

The Lake District

Coach travel gives you the perfect opportunity to explore corners of the UK and Europe that you may not otherwise be able to access, driving into the heart of cities and towns so you can experience each destination on a personal level.

5. Safety
Statistically, coaches are safer than travelling by car; this is down to your coach driver knowing the roads much better than most, allowing them to proficiently escort you, with door to door service, from A to B.

6. Comfort
Long gone are the days of cramming and crushing people on board an over-heated, rickety metal tube for lengthy durations. The benefit of comfortable, modern luxury coaches has seen an appreciable rise in the demand for coach holidays!

Woods Coach Interior

Our fleet of modern, executive coaches provide our customers with the highest possible level of comfort, creating a  journey that is as much part of the positive holiday experience as the destination itself.

You can expect modern, air-conditioned vehicles, meticulously maintained by our own mechanics and outside contractors, with plenty of leg room and plush seating, the perfect composition for a smooth and relaxing journey.

Are you looking forward to reaping the benefits of coach travel? Why not request a brochure to flick through on your next tea break, we are sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration! Call our brochure request line on 01243 871666.

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